Dubrovnik for Weddings

Does a more beautiful setting exist than stone churches and streets a picturesque sunset, the peeling of Dubrovnik bells, walls which embrace and fortresses which retain every story of love and which are an embellishment to every dubrovnik weddings photograph? The numerous bridal couples who say the fateful I do every year in Dubrovnik are the best confirmation of recognition of the city below Mount Srđ as a favourite wedding destination. According to information from the Dubrovnik registrars office for 2009, 66 marriages of foreign citizens took place up to the end of September in Dubrovnik.

On the most beautiful street in the world – the Stradun – each stone remembers footsteps full of anticipation, listens in on tender words, keeps secrets, welcomes those in love and sees off weddings. Hence is this City one of the most attractive and romantic wedding destinations of which everyone dreams.

Dubrovnik is often referred to as the pearl of Adriatic, and when you visit it, you’ll quickly realise why. Its huge stone city walls, orange tiled roofs and narrow alleys have been frozen in time, offering a rare breath of authentic history in synergy with architectural beauty. Combine this with mild Mediterranean climate, plenty of sunshine and crystal-clear waters around, it sounds like photographer’s heaven.

Would you like to feel strong and powerful standing at the top of the high Dubrovnik ancient walls as if no one could reach you – then the walls and fortresses of the City are your best choice!

Lovrjenac Fortress – get married in a monumental fortress built in the 14th century that was a key fortress for defense of Dubrovnik from the sea. The fortress had through history only fortification purpose, while in the recent years it has become a natural stage for performing dramas, especially Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Let your wedding be a drama from your dreams that would shine on the monumental walls of this beautiful fortress.

Saint John Fortress – would you wish to have your wedding on Dubrovnik’s ancient walls? The fortress Saint John is the best place for that! The fortress gained its final shape in the 16th century. Its original purpose was that of the city’s south-east defence wall. Today it hosts the aquarium and maritime museum, and the view from its roof is on the city’s port. Although it is not as private as some other locations because it is included in regular tour of the walls, for the adventurists that do not mind other people’s glances, this fortress would offer a heightened and unforgettable experience.

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