Weddings in Croatia

Croatia weddings has evolved to become one of the most admired vacation destinations in Europe. It offers wonderful sightseeing destinations and accommodation options to the tourists. Its popularity as excellent tourist destination has soared high as it offers cheaper accommodation options than other European nations. However, charges of the accommodation options offered in Croatia vary according to their location. Seasons also play important roles in fixing prices of the hotels and villas which are on offer in Croatia.

Montenegro is a small country of 650,000 people located in South-Eastern Europe. It is found on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and shares borders with Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo.

Montenegro was one of the republics of Yugoslavia until 1992 when war broke out in the region. Montenegro united with Serbia and continued as a smaller version of Yugoslavia until 2003 when it was renamed as Serbia and Montenegro. In 2006, Montenegro gained independence from Serbia and is now a country in it’s own right.

Montenegro may be small, but it has some absolutely astonishingly beautiful towns and locations for weddings. Many of the venues are found along the coast of the Adriatic, although the Durmitor National Park, which can be found inland, is also breathtaking.

So what exactly is a destination wedding? Simply put, it’s the ultimate way to make that special day even more special. You and your family and guests travel to that perfect location where you’ve always dreamed of getting married. Is your dream to have your wedding on a tropical island? On the Dalmatian coast of Croatia? A mountain top in Alaska? All of these things are possible for your destination wedding – it’s only limited by your imagination; the price tag may not be as much of a factor as you think.

That’s right, a destination wedding can actually be cheaper than a conventional ceremony and reception. Think about the costs that go into a traditional wedding for a minute – facility rental, staff and so on. In a destination wedding, the location itself is the star of the show – other than the bride, that is.

If you were recently engaged and are beginning to make plans for your Arizona wedding, you have selected one of the most beautiful places in the world to hold your event. From the Valley of the Sun to the Tucson area, there are so many attractive venues available to you where you can wed and hold your reception. Before you start visiting churches and wedding halls, there are some things you must keep in mind when planning your Arizona wedding. Likely, you are pressed for time and this bit of information can help you stay focused while offering to you a stress free solution.

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